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  (The Divine Journey of Our Gurudev - Sri Anand)
The Seed is Sown
The Guru is Brahma, The Guru is Vishnu, the Guru is Maheshwara. All three, the Creator, the Sustainer, and The Destroyer of the Universe merge together in the form of The Guru. Lord Sri Dattatraya is The Adi-Guru. He Himself takes the form of The Guru and through The Guru He Himself guides us on the path which leads to His Bossom. Guru is The Source, rather The Only Source through whom The Almighty shows The Light. He enlightens the souls and shows The path of Divinity through different forms, in different parts of the world at different times. The path remains the same, but the approach changes from time to time, as per the prevailing conditions and situations of this world. We have read in our Granthas that long back people used to perform many rituals and extraordinary "tapasyas" to attain The Almighty. This was the approach then. Slowly things changed and now, at present, the approach then. Slowly things changed and now, at present, the approach is different. According to the present state of this world Our Beloved Gurudev Sri Anand Sai Ji showed us the easiest, more simple and practical approach to the Divine path which culminates in the Almighty's Bossom. He showed us not by just words but by actually living through each of His maxims. Sri Anand Sai was an incarnation of Lord Sri Sai Baba in this Kaliyug.
       But the world was unaware when The Almighty took the form of our Guru, lived on this earth as any other human being, accomplished His task and left His physical form and merged into the Divine Eternity. Our Merciful Gurudev in all His Greatness was the epitome of Humility and Innocence. He believed that, "He was the tiny-tot of The Almighty Mother, and what use does a child have of fame?" Hence there is no name of an author in any of our Granthas.

      Now let us begin to know about Him, as to from where He came, how and when. To begin with our most humble prayer at His Lotus Feet.

As Thy Child Before Thee I sit
To you I bow with every cell in my being.
You in me, and only you can
narrate Your Own Divine Song
The Child is a Child,
You Are The Doe, The Writer,
The Words, The Meaning,
The Song and The Theme
Oh Divine Mother, - My Guru,
Grace This World - By Your Divine Song.

There is always something special when angels of peace and mercy "The Guru" descend on the earth. The atmosphere is charged with cosmic spiritual bliss allover.

Our Beloved Papa Sri Anand Sai took the Physical form in "Chakwal" (now in Pakistan) in a pious and religious family on 16th Jan. 1919. His father Shri Bhagat Beliramji was known as "Bhagatji" and His mother was Smt. Subhdra Devi. We bow to the honorable parents who were bestowed with the great honor of being parents of the God realized soul. And no wonder Sri Gurudev came to this world on the very day and at the very same moment when Sri Guru Govind Singhji was born.

Sri Gurudev was brought up in a very pious atmosphere. His inclination was toward pictures and stories of The Lord and His Devotees since childhood. When Anand (Sri Anand Sai Ji) was eleven years old The Lord Himself in the form of a Saint came to His village - Chakwal. The Saint stayed there for fourteen days. He showed a special attachment of Ananda who was also deeply attracted towards Him. Sri Gurudev spent most of His time with the Saint and the Saint gradually enlightened Him.

The Saint was none other but Sri Baba Sai Nath Himself. Baba Sai Nath the form of Lord Sir Dattatraya, in whom all Divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh rest. Baba Himself gave "Guru Mantra" to Gurudev in His childhood, taught Him how to meditate and tread on The path of Divinity. Thus Baba Sai Nath guided His 'Amrit Putra' because He only knew the purpose of the child's' birth on this earth. Ananda's inclination towards "God realization" was intensified further. The seed was sown.

Such was the childhood of our Beloved Sri Anand Sai Ji and all the instances narrated above went towards molding Him as we knew Him . A burning desire for The Lord and nothing but The Lord.

We will continue to tell you about Him more and more during each of your meeting through this source. Parting lines till we meet next-

  Love One Love All - that is
Shri Anand Sai's CALL.


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