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  SAI TEACHINGS - The Path to Peace
  Baba Sai Nath is the real actor, the action and the motive force behind that action. If you want to get out of this cycle of births and deaths within this life, there is only one way. Give up resolutely the idea of doership, give up the fever of 'I am doing'. Understand fully well that you are not the doer. This whole world is a one - man show, where there is no place for the second. The whole manifestation is being run by One Supreme Power. This universe is a huge Cosmic Machine being run by the unseen hands of the maker. We are all mere kegs in that huge machine. But remember very well, you have to play your part as a conscious keg in that Cosmic Machine.
I say conscious, because everybody is an instrument in Baba Sai Nath's hands, but it makes all the difference when you are conscious that you are an instrument in the Divine Hands. Remember, even if a nut in the machine goes out of order, the working of the whole machine is paralysed. Therefore you have to play your part well, the part alloted to you according to the station of life that you have been given to occupy. Remember, therefore play your part well as a conscious keg in the hands of the Unseen Maker. Then, I promise you, you will lead a carefree, happy and peaceful life. You will never own the doership of any action. My words should constantly ring in your ears. Give up this fever of "I am doing. " "I am doing" is sickness. "You are doing everything, my Lord," is health. "I am doing",is cancer, is sickness which destroys us in the long run.
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Very few blessed souls can recognize Baba Sai Nath by His grace. Those who recognize Him, get freedom from the trammels of life and death. People who are immersed in wordliness, in accumulating money, luxuries, and other items of wealth, it is not easy for them to recognize Baba. Only those blessed souls whose minds have been purified on account of meritorious deeds and sadhana done in the previous births, can recognize Him. Those who recognize Baba Sai Nath, follow Him and the path shown by Him.

  Remember, worldly people keep on collecting money, wealth, name and fame all their lives. At the end of their life, the find that it is dust they have got in their hands, nothing but dust. They die a miserable death, a most miserable death. They leave this world desolate miserable creatures, while those who recognize Baba Sai Nath, who love Him, who surrender to Him, not only their life's earthly sojourn is happy, but they depart from this earth peacefully and happily, sure of their realisation. So my children, I know you all love Baba very dearly. Your life is going to be full of promise, full of peace, full of joy. Never fall a prey to the vicissitudes of Maya, whatever station of life you occupy. Stick to Baba Sai Nath. Never leave Him even for a second and you are assured of His full protection every second of your life.


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