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  First I salute my beloved Divine Parent  Baba Sai Nath, the Saviour of all mankind.
Then I hug the Lotus Feet of my Holy Divine Mother, Devi Bhag-wati Sri Maha Kali who is the repository of all Blessedness, Joy and Auspicious-ness. May the whole humanity be worthy of their Divine Grace.

1. Om Sri Sai Ganeshai Namah.

2. The most sublime life is one, that brings joy in other's lives.

3. Meditate on the Lustrous Light of awareness.

4. Talking ill of others, brings about physical and mental sufferings.

5. One does not have to do things. These just happen.

6. Simple life, few wants and honest earnings - without these basic qualities, you can never attain God.

7. The discovery of your own subjective self leads to Eternal Liberation.

8. Do not worry, let the karma exhaust itself.

9. Meditation is dwelling intensely in the present.

10. Destiny is changed by complete, total, self - surrender.

11. The deeper you go into your being, the more you become aware of Inner Light.

12. The Divine Name brings cheer in drooping minds.

13. Go deeper and deeper into the rock-bottom of your being. You shall find and ineffable bliss.

14. Live with what is, that is life spiritual.

15. Be a drop of nectar and plunge into the Eternal Waters of Life.

16. Sai Baba is the Ultimate Truth.

17. Mysticism is to 'be' the Subjective Self.

18. Repetition of the Holy Divine Name for thirty minutes every morning earns for you a rebate in the
adverse karmaphal destined for that day.

19. Erase the false ego and you become consequently the Whole.

20. Attachment to the outward show ruins a man spiritually.

21. The surrender is to the Whole, the Infinity, the Eternity. Then God abides in you uninterruptedly.

22. He who has full faith in Baba Sai Nath, Baba never fails him.

23. The japa of Gayatri Mantra three thousand times a day, rids an aspirant of all sins.

24. God plus materialism is man. Man minus materialism is God.

25. Dance with the dhuni of the Divine Name with utmost joy.

26. Every dose of suffering purifies the soul.

27. Laughter is a form of Meditation. Note while laughing heartily, the thought - process ceases.

28. Repeat His Sweet Name to obtain His Mercy.

29. Have full faith in your Baba and repeat His name incessantly.

30. Assert the Motherhood of God and revel in Divine ecstasy.

31. Dwell in the Transcendental State every minute of your life. This is the state of Creative Intelligence.

32. Depend less on outer crutches. Rely more on Inner Grace.

33. Lord Sri Sai Baba is living the life through us. Let us get aside and let Him carry out His Divine Work.

34. A sweet word spoken to others is a prayer.

35. Let the activity be secondary to our total - attention to Him.

36. If we dwell in the Source of all Creation, then this visible phenomenal world of multiplicity.

37. The transcendental state is behind this visible phenomenal world of multiplic-ity.

38. Without Maa, this life is a perennial headache.

39. Experience the living Sai Infinity and you experience extreme tranquility.

40. Narrow - mindedness is a sin. Accept truth from whatever corner it comes.

41. Go in search of the Eternal within. The Inner Eternity is our real home.

42. Spiritual Base :-

a) Lead a simple life.
b) Have few wants.
c) Earn only according to your needs.
d) Live and let live.

43. Withdraw your self from the other phenomenal world. Be within. This is Meditation.

44. Places of worship are like repair shops. They set right the minds which have gone out of gear.

45. The Inner Self has fixed its total gaze on Its Own - self. Meditate on this truth.

46. If you lead a simple and honest life, Love of God shall be poured into you.

47. With the utterance of Maha-Kali Maha-Mantra, sink into the Transcendental Meditation within.

48. Humility leads to perfection.

49. To come close to the Ultimate Truth within, be as playful as a child.

50. Simple Arithmetic :-
       Simple living = Simple mind.

51. In astrology, the Central nervous system is affected by Shri Shani Maharaj. Therefore applying Chola on Sri Hanumanjee's idol on Saturdays is highly beneficial.

52. Poverty, Simplicity and Humility constitute the triple gate to the Inner King-dom of God.

53. Love Divine is the love for all humanity.

54. Be feather - weight. Do not be heavy - weight if you want to progress spiritu-ally.

55. Practise the sadhna of 'being'. It is superior to the practice of 'knowing.' Try and realize the Truth       for yourself.

56. He who laughs at this life is a true sanyasi. He , who takes life seriously is a bound soul.

57. The true nature of the Divine is Life, Light, Power and Bliss.

58. The mantra is the Atomic Energy in the path of spirituality. It blasts completely the mountains of      sins and ugly sanskaras. Therefore repeat incessantly your Ishta mantra.

59. All movements are within the One, Indivisible Being of Life.

60. The Greatest antibiotic is Rama-Nama.

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