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121. Merge yourself into the One Indivisible Whole pervading the whole space.

122. Those who have got whole-hearted devotion to God, they shall be saved.

123. Chetna is 'Creative Intelligence' that controls the whole external phenome-nal world.

124. Karma phal is not a punishment, but a reformatory process.

125. You can know a beginner in the Spiritual path by his habit of talking too much.

126. God never listens to the prayers of those, who do not serve their aged par-ents.

127. Shakti is the LIFE-ENERGY, the Absolute Being.

128. Vishnu Sahasra Nama is a tornado, which sweeps away all the ill-effects of adverse karmas.

129. Living in totality from minute to minute is Life Divine on Earth.

130. When the Sun of oneness arises in the mind, the darkness of fear goes away.

131. Cosmic intelligence is Cosmic Energy.

132. Forgiving nature and sweet temperament are absolutely essential for a spiritual aspirant.

133. The mayavic forms are screening the light of the Divine Mother Shakti Shining forth from within
         all of us.

134. The pain gives you a signal "Correct yourself."

135. If you want your prayers to be heard speedily, pray to the Infinite Intelli-gence within you.

136. The suffering warns you to change your life style, be humble and truthful.

137. All of us are immersed and surrounded by an 'Infinite Presence' which knows all and sees all.

138. The more we become selfless, the intensity of karma is proportionally de-creased.

139. To dwell constantly in the Effulgent Cosmic Energy is real Shakti Puja.

140. Disease comes, when we are at war with the Supreme Self.

141. The Divine armour of Conscious Cosmic Energy is protectiong me from all evil from moment to moment.

142. We worry when our ego-self is in conflict with the Supreme Intelligence.

143. Become one with the Supreme Light of Lights, the Holy Divine Mother Shakti.

144. The curative power in medicine is God. Therefore first surrender and then take the medicine.

145. I am nothing nothing my Lord. You indeed are everthing.

146. Karma-Therapy, not the germ-therapy determines the health of body and mind.

147. The entire cosmos is controlled by the cosmic shining Conscious Energy.

148. Deflate your ego. You shall fly.

149. Reduce your wants to the minimum. The Divine Sai Grace shall be assured for you.

150. One moment of egolessness washes down karmas of countless lives.

151. Be the 'Silent Presence' pervading the whole Inner space.

152. The Creator is in the creation. Love the Creator through His creation.

153. A Simple life by choice is a Divine Blessing.

154. The Divine Name is Shiva's Trishul, which guards the devotee from all evil.

155. The Divine Mother Shakti is our only refuge and strength. This Benevolent Energy is ever-present  to help us.

156. As food is essential for the upkeep of the body, similarly the Divine Name is essential for the Inner Spiritual Health.

157. Within our own inner awareness lies the Source of Cosmic Light Shakti.

158. Sense of possession is the greatest obstacle in the path of God realization.

159. Voluentry Poverty ensures the choicest Sai Grace.

160. Never remain in conflict with your Inner Self.

161. By repeating the Bija Shabda 'Hrim' constantly, we are invoking the Heart of the Holy Divine Mother ; we ar in a way surrounding ourselves on all sides by the Heart of the Infinity.

162. Sharing our wealth with others enriches the soul.

163. The more your reduce your wants, the more the intensity of adverse karmas is decreased.

164. Meditation on oneness and unity of all life is the best therapy.

165. The best family-doctor is cheerfulness.

166. Life is not to feel depressed. By His Mercies feel impressed.

167. Ineffable peace is in the Inner Spiritual fortress alone.

168. To lead fragmentary life is ignorance.

169. By repeating the Divine Bija Shabda 'Hrim', se are established in the Cos-mic Spirit.

170. Our mental health depends upon our moral health. Our physical health de-pends upon our
           mental health.

171. A life of sacrifice for the good of others is Life Divine.

172. The Divine Name stands between you and misery.

173. Sri Panch Dev Upasana .

174. Temptations block our progress.
         "Jai Hari Jai Surya Narayan Jai Jai Adi Ganesh, Jai Jai Mata Parvati Pooran Purush Mahes."

175. Rama-Nama is a panacea for all ills of life.

176. Love, Truth and Vairagya are the priceless bounties of God.

177. 'Hrim Hum Hah' ; With the aid of these three Bija Shabdas, you can slid into the Shining  Consciousness within.

178. You can get over your destiny by observing Divine spiritual laws, not by the observance of physical laws.

179. Brave indeed are they who forsake temptation for the sake of God.

180. Life becomes all-blissful and joy when one surrenders to God whole-heartedly.

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