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241. The Guru cures everybody else, He can cure himself but He never wants anything for himself.

242. Keep up the purity of Love. Be a child, thou shalt attain Me.

243. To become a separate individual is the original sin. That shows one sepa-rates oneself from the  One Indivisible Whole.

244. Learn to enjoy the Karmaphal, you will merit the Divine Grace.

245. Keep your mind saturated with the thought of the whole so that it does not have time to think of fragments.

246. Nothingness is everythingness.

247. Every impulse to act comes from within, from the Inner awareness and the action automatically  follows.

248. Robust faith makes the impossible possible.

249. When we pone ourselves totally to that Supreme Power, we become chil-dren.

250. To be happy and cheerful is our birthright.

251. O Divine Mother Shakti, Pray lead us from the darkness of this body into the light of the Inner Soul.

252. He, who neglects his ages parents, neglects Me.

253. Be an insider. Dwell in the soothing inner Light of the Hirnya Garbh all the time.

254. In self-surrender, you get the Divine Power to resist evil.

255. The Spirit is your real home. Do not e a homeless wanderer.

256. First learn to forgive others for their lapses. Then God shall forgive you.

257. Dwelling in the present moment is to be in Truth.

258. Body's gain is Atma's loss.

259. Pray to Lord Shiva that His Divine Trishul destroys the asuric ego person-ality.

260. Either you are an egoji or a trusting child of God. On that depends your "antim-gati."

261. This moment is what counts in Sadhna. Ti has the seed of Infinity and Im-mortality.

262. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Sri Sai.

263. SATYAM ADVAITAM. (Non-duality alone is the Truth).

264. Serve your aged parents as you would serve God.

265. When you are haunted by bad thoughts, trace them to the Source - the all pervading Baba Sai
          Nath within.

266. There is a definite healing power in Arati and Prasad, if we take these with shradha and faith.

267. Bye-pass the mind and merge in the Infinity.

268. Mahavir Hanuman is Vibrant Energy. By His Divine worship, this energy is indrawn in us. We feel secure from all evil.

269. Back to the Universal Self. Let that be our slogan.

270. Science must soon reach the one eand the only natural conclusion that all matter and energy are being inherently controlled by the One Supreme Spirit. If it does not, it is doomed and with  it the whole world.

271. Never forget you are a child of light and not of darkness (dead matter).

272. I treat, but He cures.

273. Devi Bhagwati Maha Kali's Children welcome the cleansing process of suf-fering.

274. Sacrifice opens the flood-gates of Divine Grace.

275. He, who serves theiinful eovangly, serves the wumanity.

276. Vasna is the impelling force to make more money. If there is no Vasna in mind, then thcompulsion  to earn more and more.

277. Bathe thyself as much as you can in "Baoli Sahib' - the Inner Pool of Nec-tar.

278. The Upasana of Holy Divine Mother is short-cut to God.

279. According to the Vedas, tose who have understood the Holy Divine Mother, know that She is the  Inner Controller of the Universe. All incidents and hap-penings are controlled and directed  by Her.

280. There is a compelling mustness in every incident of our lives.

281. One moment's meditation on Nam-Rupless Infinite Shakti generates tre-mendous energy.

282. The ego wants things in its won way, whereas the Universal life decides otherwise. When things do  not turn out to be in the egos favour, worry is the result.

283. I fervently pray My Lord that the whole creation be worthy fo Thy Divine Grace.

284. The peace of worldly wealth is the peace of grave.

285. Leap from the little bindu into the Maha-Bindu. This is true Meditation.

286. The whole has no purpose to serve, no aim to achieve. The whole is all in all.

287. Creative Intelligence is Heavenly Light.

288. Every temptation resisted is progress miles on the road to Destination.

289. Meditate on Shakti as one, Indivisible, Creative Intelligence.

290. An innocent smile on the face is a sign of Godliness.

291. The Whole is the Truth. Therefore the Whole alone can be the Doer.

292. Dwell under the umbrella of My Divine Protection and be worry-free.

293. The Total Being is inhaling 'Soham'. Practise, Practise this sadhna.

294. Love forgives, Ego hates.

295. Creative Intelligence and Transcendental Personality are one.

296. "Simple living high thinking" - this alone is the pathway to peace.

297. The Transcendental Reality imagines everything into concreateness.

298. My Children always remain engaged in the selfless service of mankind.

299. 'I beheld with the eye of my soul, "above my mind", the light unchange-able. It was a beautific  vision.'- The Holy Bible.

300. If you do your work egolessly, this very work becomes dedicated worship.

301. "Om Sai Narayan, Om Satya Narayan." This is Sri Maha-Nam. By the repetition of Sri Maha-Nam, sins of innumerable lives are washed away. Sri Maha-Nam cuts down the intensity and duration of the effects of adverse kar-mas.

302. "Jai Jai Kali Sukhdayani, Durga Gauri Narayani, Jai Ambe Jai Vishwambhari, Jai Lalita Jai  Kshemkari".
This is Shakti Kavach which guards the devotee from all evil. Where this Shakti Kavach is  chanted, the whole atmosphere is  sanctified.

303. Offer your ego in all humility to Lord Sri Sai Baba, the Supreme Master.

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