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181. The Inner Light brings us messages from Eternity.

182. Don not seek a change in any situtation. Every change is brought about by the Divine Will.

183. Poverty by choice changes basically the human prarabdha.

184. Revelation of Truth is the Grace of God. The Divine Greace comes only to the surrendered - soul.

185. Sri Panch Shakti Upasana :-
         "Jai Radhey Jai Laxmi Jai Jai Kali Maat, Jai Durga Jai Saraswati Ved Gun Gaat."

186. Do not be contented with the part-role. First merge in the Whole and then act.

187. Ostentatious, Spendthrift life is vulgar.

188. Awaken into One, Immortal, Indivisible, Whole. All fears shall cease.

189. The Bija Shabda 'Hrim' means the Moveless Chetna.

190. The external adjustments of life cannot give inner peace.

191. Happiness and Bliss are experienced when the individual soul merges in the Over-Soul.

192. Be at ease, do not have any purpose.

193. In order to make oneself worthy of Divine Grace, one must get rid of the false sense of ego.

194. The more we renounce external enjoyments, the more we are 'At-Home'.

195. Bija aksharas are the nucleus of Divine Energy.

196. Those who are rich spiritually, do not hanker after the worldly possessions.

197. Simplicity is a Divine virtue.

198. Negate the egostic individuality. Assert the Divine Personality.

199. I do all my work under the possession of my Ishta, Lord Shri Sai Baba. ' This is wisdom.

200. Success depends on the quality of the search.

201. Desolidify everything if you want to reach the Reality.

202. Love demands sacrifice.

203. In liberation, you lose yourself totally. You lose the consciousness of your separate "I".

204. Guru is all Gods put together.

205. Vasanas for perishable things of life, destroy the seed of inner spiritual life.

206. True love is very jealous, it does not admit of any other desires.

207. All divisions cease in One-Absolute Consciousness.

208. Look to the quality of love that you are offering to God.

209. Pure awareness is without likes and dislikes.

210. Selfishness is a sin. Selflessness is Divine Nectar.

211. The Stratosphere is the bossom of your Holy Divine Mother.

212. Blessed are they, who sacrifice their all for their fellow beings.

213. All that lives is holy.

214. Desire burns. Beware!

215. All service is advaitic service - to the One indivisible Whole.

216. Blessed are they, who spread the message of oneness and unity of all life.

217. Calm awareness is spirituality.

218. Rama-Nama lessens the intensity and duration of Karma.

219. Integral silence is real joy.

220. Better than Allopathy, Homeopathy and all other pathies is the Namopathy. The Divine Name is Cure-all for all ills.

221. Mother Shakti Herself is the Self.

222. Give up the sense of possessiveness, if you want to realize Me.

223. Ego separates, Integrality unites.

224. To remain joyous in all circumstances is the end of all sadhna.

225. All that lives is integrally One.

226. Beat the adverse karmas by the Divine Name.

227. If you want to enjoy, be psychically free in all inner happenings.

228. The purity of love surmounts all obstacles.

229. Meditation is to think intensely of the present.

230. Be in complete Harmony with what is.

231. Be a channel for the Divine Energy on the earthly plane by complete total self-surrender.

232. The aim of 'Sadhna' is not to 'become' , but to 'unbecome'.

233. All that lives is nothing but Sai.

234. A truly brave man is he, who willingly acknowledges his faults and makes amends accordingly.

235. Always dwell in illumined awareness.

236. The sinful mind becomes Evergreen by the Dhuni of Rama-Nama.

237. Trace all thoughts to the source within.

238. The purpose of life is in 'being' and not in 'becoming.'

239. Lord Sri Sai Baba is Guru and God both, both in One.

240. When the very name of God brings tears in your eyes, know that God is not very far.

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