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61. To live constantly in Wholeness is the aim of life. Fragmentary living is a sin.

62. Five Steps to God-Realization: Samran, Satsang, Service, Truth and Simplicity.

63. Feel that all movements and actions are the expressions of One Moveless Ocean of Chetna.

64. There is vulgarity in ostentatious living; there is Godliness in simple life.

65. The guru, the self and God are one.

66. The dowry seeker invites the wrath of Mother Goddess.

67. Thinking is a separative process. Even while thinking, we are all the time deeper below in the Total Univerasal Self.

68. Welcome health, Welcome pain, otherwise the life goes in vain.

69. Life in all totality is constantly calling you from within.

70. When the inner eye opens, the suffering is realized as a Divine Blessing.

71. Live in One Integral Life devoid of false separative ego.

72. Prayer brings sweetness in life.

73. Transcend the limitations of body and mind and dwell constantly in the One Cosmic Life.

74. The hand that is treating you roughly, is also your Beloved Baba's hand. Nothing exists but He.

75. Real Solitude is in One, Total Life.

76. Without a check on your desires, you cannot escape "dukhas". As many de-sires, as many

77. Without remaining in a state of utmost ease and playfulness, there can be no meditation.

78. God is impressed by your morning evening prayers only if there is no untruth in your worldly activities during the daytime.

79. A mind concentrated in the 'Now and Here' alone can realize the Truth.

80. The power of prayer is invincible. It washes away sins of countless lives.

81. The Moveless Seer is the Ultimate Truth.

82. Where there is selfishness, there is man; where there is selflessness, there is Baba Sai Nath.

83. Reading and knowing shall not help. You have to be the Immortal Self.

84. All is Sai, All is One, Besides our Sai, There is none.

85. Becoming is ignorance. Being is Reality.

86. Be bright and cheerful. God is bright and delight.

87. With the utterance of 'Om Hrim', the bija mantra of Shakti, the aspirant feels the space around him and inside him to be filled up with Shakti.

88. Baba pervades and directs the whole life from birth to death.

89. Find your real being in the Transcendental-Self.

90. When we repeat His Name, we call on His Mercy to redeem us.

91. Return to the Source within, leaving the myth of multiplicity.

92. Pray, Pray, Pray before the axe of karma falls on you.

93. What is the secret of man's actions? The Infinite Thinker Lord Sri Sai Baba is thinking everything
       into action.

94. Do not eat butchered dead bodied. Pity gives perennial joy.

95. An awakened soul does not react to any insults because he percieves the same Jyoti Shining through all forms.

96. Never, Never ask for worldly sukhas because dukha is tagged to every such su-kha.

97. Thoughts are coming from the Infsinite Thinker. Be one with the Thinker and not the thoughts.

98. The real rest and joy are in Divine Wisdom.

99. An egoless person has on false sense of dignity.

100. Rama Nama brings sunshine in our otherwise dark lives.

101. By being in His 'Spiritual Presence' all our sins are washed away.

102. Selfless love and devotion bring out full fragrance from inside our life.

103. Continue to suffer your karmas and soon you will attain Divine Peace.

104. Matter is pregnant with dukhas. Chetna is such-swaroop.

105. Self-illumination - let that be your goal.

106. Those who are engaged in wiping out the tears of others, their tears shall be wiped out.

107. Self-absorption alone brings about emancipation.

108. It is only the worldlies, who fight with each other. All the true mystics are inwardly united in the  Inner Kingdom of God.

109. In the Divine Mother's worship, the light of Monism constantly fall on the mind of the aspirant.

110. Beware of the world of devils and desires. Drink the Sweet Nectar of self-surrender.

111. The Cosmic Effulgent Energy of the Holy Divine Mother, enlivens the body which by itself is inert
          and darkness.
112. The Divine Name is channel-clearing; vasna is channel-blocking.

113. The Divine Shakti is Cosmic Consciousness which radiates Lustrous Light.

114. Love all as your very own self. When you hate and look down on people of other faiths, you
         degrade yourself.

115. Shakti is non-dual, therefore ego is false.

116. Sadhna is a constant struggle against negative qualities. By the Divine Grace alone, man can  overcome these obstacles.

117. Feel yourself as a 'Spiritual Being' and not a physical being.

118. There is blessedness in suffering for the sake of Truth.

119. We must be clear that every change in our lives, is brought about by the Di-vine Will of Mother Shakti.

120. True Love renders selfless service to one's fellow being .

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