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Remember in spirituality, narrow-mindedness is the greatest sin. People who are still in the outer form of religion, are mostly narrow-minded. The Christian thinks that his religion is better than other religions. The Muslim thinks his religion is superior to others. The Hindu thinks that his way of worship is better than others. But when one crosses the border line into the realm of spirituality, then one begins to know that there is One and One alone and that One alone has appeared in different climes, at different times, in different countries to establish Truth. When you see this Inner Unity behind all the religions, this narrow-mindedness vanishes.
If someone talks in the strain of narrow-mindedness. 'My religion is better than others', know that he is far from Truth. He has not realised Truth. Most of the people belonging to the institutional religions talk of the superiority of their faith over other religions. I want you children, to be very careful. Never get into discussions and arguments with others about the superiority of your own faith. Know that Baba Sai Nath does not allow this. In argument the other person my talk ill of your belief, and may talk ill of what you hold so dear, and your faith may be shaken. So stick to what you believe to be true, but do not enter into argument or discussion with others about your faith. Hold fast to your won beliefs. Do not try to change or convert others. It is not given to you to change or convert others. It is the job of Baba Sai Nath to convert others at the right time. Be very clear about it otherwise you will only harm yourself. Do not have the superiority complex, that you are better, your religion is better than others. This 'holier than thou' attitude must be given up because this is sheer arrogance. This is sheer pride. We have not to have pride. Pride is the greatest cancer in the path of spirituality. Even if we are better than others, it is a gift of Baba Sai Nath. We must not feel we are better than others because the persons whom we think are behind us, may by the Divine Grace, go further than us any time. Never feel for a second that you are ahead of others, you are better than others. Never harbour this idea in your mind.
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Baba Sai Nath has got special love for children. All God - realised saints love children because they themselves are child - like. Even when you grown up, still you should remain as innocent as you are now. Don't pick up cleverness. Clever and carfty people are most distasteful to Baba Sai Nath. As the child naturally has dependence on its mother for every thing, similarly when you grow up you should constantly live a life of dependence on you divine Mother, Baba Sai Nath. Today, you have worries for tomorrow, so even when you grow up and no matter what station of life you occupy, do not bother about tomorrow. If you remain, child - like, the tomorrow will be looked after by the Divine Mother Baba Sai Nath Himself. In worldly education, they will teach you to plan for tomorrow. In the spirituality, we teach that planning is a sin. It is contrary to the spirit of self-surrender to Baba Sai Nath. One who plans has ego. He thinks it is up to him to shape things, to formulate things and to achieve results. Results are in the hands of Baba Sai Nath. Ours is only to try, that is all. When we go to a temple, our only right is to worship. We cannot ask for a particular 'prasad'. We may get halwa or we may get fruit or we may get dry fruit, any thing we get we take it as 'prasad'. Similarly, what actions we perform in life, whatever the results accrue, we should talk them as 'prasad'. Success or failure should mean the same thing, that is 'prasad' given by the Divine Master. Success should not make us happy, failure should not make us unhappy. In worldly life, success or failure should not matter much; after all they are both shadows. Real life is within. So pray for that real life. Do not attach much importance to things external.
You have to be very clear in your mind that whatever you are going to achieve in this life, materially or spiritually, it is going to be on account of the Divine Grace of Baba Sai Nath only. Whatever you achieve, whether in this world or in the domain of the spirit, The human intellect wrongly makes us understand that it is on account of our individual effort and endeavor that we achieve results. That is wrong. Some people toil day and night without any results, while others without any toil, without any sweat of labour, get everything, says Guru Nanak.
In so many lives you simply sit idle in your place and you get everything. While in other lives, you sweat from morning till evening and cannot get even enough to eat. What does that mean? The Divine Grace alone is the deciding factor. Similarly, on the spiritual path some people seem to be going further at a terrific speed without seemingly doing much, while others who are doing so much, doing all sorts of worship and pooja, still do not seem to get any results. Why? Because everything depends upon the Divine Grace. Therefore, my children, crave for the Divine Grace rather than try to achieve results by your own efforts. Do your work, but do not put faith in your work; know who is making you do that work and the result is in His hands. He who gets the Grace of Baba Sai Nath, there is nothing to achieve for him. He gets everything unasked, undesired, uncraved.
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