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  61. Om Sai Hari-Narayanai Namah.

62. Om Sai Sat-Swaroopai Namah.

63. Om Sai Sarva-Samarthai Namah.

64. Om Sai Jyoti-Swaroopai Namah.

65. Om Sai Maha-Laxmiai Namah.

66. Om Sai Hari-Govindai Namah.

67. Om sai Soham-Devai Namah.

68. Om Sai Onkaar-Swaroopai Namah.

69. Om Sai Maha-Saraswatiai Namah.

70. Om Sai Maya-Vinashakai Namah.

71. Om Sai Vyankteshwarai Namah.

72. Om Sai Hari-Vithalai Namah.

73. Om Sai Moha-Vinashakai Namah.

74. Om Sai Vipatti-Bhanjanai Namah.

75. Om Sai Bhakti-Dattai Namah.

76. Om Sai Mukti-Dattai Namah.

77. Om Sai Gyan-Dattai Namah.

78. Om Sai Gopi-Vallabhai Namah.

79. Om Sai Bhav-Taarakai Namah.

80. Om Sai Sarva-Priayi Namah.
81. Om Sai Apradh-Hartaai Namah.

82. Om Sai Pandhari Nathai Namah.

83. Om Sai Kripa-Saagarai Namah.

84. Om Sai Mangalkaari-Devai Namah.

85. Om Sai Amangalhaari-Devai

86. Om Sai Amrit-Sindhuai Namah.

87. Om Sai Shanti-Dattai Namah.

88. Om Sai Chandra-Maulishwarai       Namah.

89. Om Sai Jagat-Roopai Namah.

90. Om Sai Atam-Jyotiai Namah.

91. Om Sai Laxmi-Jyotiai Namah.

92. Om Sai Abhed-Shaktiai Namah.

93. Om Sai Vishwa-Atmai Namah.

94. Om Sai Paramatmai Namah.

95. Om Sai Bhakta-Vatsalai Namah.

96. Om Sai Agni-Roopai Namah.

97. Om Sai Gayatriai Namah.

98. Om Sai Maha-Ambikai Namah.

99. Om Sai Dharma-Rakshakai Namah.

100. Om Sai Sidhhi-Dattai Namah.

101. Om Sai Ridhhi-Dattai Namah.

102. Om Sai Ur-Prerakai Namah.

103. Om Sai Sadhu-Rakshakai Namah.

104. Om Sai Chinta-Naashakai Namah.

105. Om Sai Anand-Muratai Namah.

106. Om Sai Bhagya-Vidhaatai Namah.

107. Om Sai Hari-Harai Namah.

108. Om Sai Para Brahmai Namah.

         "OM SRI SAI."


Ten ways to transcent Destiny

1) To repeat the Divine Name incessantly.

2) To perform Havan-to-offer ahutis in fire while chanting the Mantras.

3) To recite the scriptures with devotion.

4) To earn honest earnings "not to resort to unfair means."

5) To practice ahimsa in thought, word and deed.

6) To lead a selfless life of service to others.

7) To feed the poor and the hungry.

8) To lead a simple life with minimum wants.

9) To make Tyaga and Vairagya one's constants companions?

10) To live in the Divine will from moment to moment.

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